Waste to Energy. What is holding you?

Our German Principal would like to offer a solution and wish to have projects in the Philippines on converting organic waste into resources such as money and power. They saw that it can be a viable solution to unburden landfills and at the same time empower communities.
Besides constructing biogas power plants direct for end users, they also have channels to provide project financing for really nice and great projects.  They have a local investor partner who can provide outright financing.  Them being a major shareholder on the company to be put up as the only condition.
Their basic question at the beginning would be the same as with their international projects done before. They want to validate real and potential project before flying to a certain country to discuss the cooperation to install a power plant. They wanted to see numbers and best case scenarios on fixed substrate contracts.  As a pre-requisite they need a questionnaire, completely filled up, and submitted for their evaluation and assessment.
Wonder if you plan to use all those waste and ready to turn it into resources that can help you, have an agricultural or livestock farm with residual or manure disposal problem, have a locality (municipality/city/province) in your care that can benefit on having an MSW W2E processing plant, a private institution or a government agency projects (environment/power/development/local governance) looking for an able and expert service provider with project track record worldwide, or simply just a land owner who can be a minor shareholder of a biogas power plant by making his/her agricultural land property a giant napier grass farm to fuel up a power plant- also to be constructed within the farm area.

So far some ASEAN member countries already had  potentials submitted. Our job is to open the Philippines for their technology and assistance.  It may or may not be a financed project for anyone who would be interested but the technology alone would be good enough to be considered and perhaps adopted to solve our landfill and waste management problems.  Have power doing it.

I have attached some information for your reference.







Jess C. Gregorio

Affiliate Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory

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