Fire safety in hotels ‒ protecting people, business continuity and reputation

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Being responsible for a hotel, your primary concern is that your guests enjoy their safe stay. Besides offering first-rate services, this also includes ensuring maximum life safety. Fire safety in hotels is delicate: You have to protect various areas with different environmental conditions – and you don’t want your guests to see the detectors and panels. You need devices that quickly detect the first sign of fire and lead your guests safely out of the danger zone. At the same time, the fire protection system has to be highly reliable because nothing can be more annoying than a false alarm.

Statistics that speak for themselves

Did you know that:

  • One out of every 12 hotels reports a structure fire with associated annual losses of

– 12 civilian deaths
– 143 civilian injuries only in the US
– $127 million in property damage only in the US*

  • In nearly 45 percent of fires, cooking equipment was involved.*
  • 12 percent of fires in hotels and motels begin in a guest room and are responsible for over 70 percent of civilian deaths.*
  • Smoking materials are the cause of fire in 79 percent of civilian deaths.*

030115 Bar Graph Leading Cause of Fire in Hotels and Motels

​*Source: NFPA Hotel Fact Sheet

Meeting various challenges
Fire safety in hotels involves various challenges. Each hotel area ‒ from the kitchen, restaurant and guest room to the spa area or parking ‒ has its own requirements and environmental conditions.

To reliably protect your hotel, guests and employees, we can offer you:

  • Flexible and optimal adaptation to any building structure with highest safety thanks to EN 54-approved fiber-optic network, phased evacuation functions throughout the network, timely handover thanks to parallel commissioning.
  • No more false alarms thanks to early and reliable detection (ASAtechnology), immunity against any deceptive phenomena such as cigarette smoke, steam, exhaust fumes, kitchen fumes, sparklers.
  • Safe and orderly evacuation – with clear, immediate and intelligent instructions in different languages as well as optical alarming.
  • Efficient modernization without business interruptions thanks to fast renovations with wireless ASA detectors, highest system availability with mesh technology and no business interruptions thanks to fast and safe installations.
  • Early and reliable detection of fire and toxic gases. Avoiding false alarms due to exhaust emissions with ASAtechnology, detection of toxic carbon monoxide with additional CO sensor.

Central operation of all installed safety and security systems – one clear user interface, with a simple graphical representation for an easy overview, for all integrated systems ensures that security staff can react quickly and correctly in case of an incident.

The performance of your system can be monitored remotely on every location. This can be reported or initiate action, if needed.

On time hand over for new projects of extensions. Opening on time and receiving your guests is essential for you. This is why Siemens invested in a specific tool and features to ensure a fast completion. For example

  • the commissioning can be done in parallel on different locations even remotely,
  • a simple fault finding tool for wiring to find open and short circuits.


System Programming/Integration of Monitoring and Controls. Keep your operational data closely monitored.
Local and Remote Monitoring to address constraints of distance, time, and space of any business operation.

We integrate, program and customize the following- SCADA. FDAS. HMI. FMS. PLC. PAC. DCS. RTU. SMS. BMS.

Browse related information on system integration.

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