How to Give Life to a Slowly Dying Agricultural System

How to give life to a dying agricultural system

We all want food security.  The Philippines is blessed with climate and land resources for rice and corn farming.  When given additional professionalization and mechanization, empowered by the private sector and supported by the government for long term and sustainable development, it will create provincial self sufficiency in just a year.  Here is an idea of a  program for rice or corn farming that will combine private sectors business money with grass root provincial farmers will create opportunities for rapid development.

The private sector investment to give production loans, modern farm machinery and equipment leasing, state-of-the-art dryers/rice mill/post harvest facility/seed processing center project loans, a sovereign guarantee to secure such developmental loan, an allotment of land for such a pilot development and a waiting domestic or international market for farm rice or corn products- these are the key ingredients of a pilot program that when proven successful can be replicated on every provinces.

The government may not  be able to afford to allocate such great funds on localized project.  The cost would be too high for our provincial agricultural development budget.  Ownership is also a question.  Development can stop abruptly or may continue in another direction after each change in administration.  These are all detrimental to our lowly Filipino farmers who actually stagnate and grow old waiting for that one great working chance.  Desperate and hopeless farmers pawn their family inherited farmlands in the absence of such support system.  The average age of farmers in some provinces rose up to 65 of age.  The newer, younger, able generation does not want to be farmers anymore.

Government development programs for rice or corn farming are mostly designed for small farmers and cooperatives. The general sentiment for it is slow and incomplete.  The observed development is dragging and the program wanting more financial support or technology.  A respite to a certain local challenge is being addressed but the total solution far from it.  Everything is a problem of right funding.

But for those farmers in Isabela who professionalized farming by infusing capital money and investing money in their own modern farming contraption, rice farming is at par with popular cash crops in the country, maybe more in profitability. So it is not rice farming but the money and technology in rice farming that is being missed by our grass root farmers.  Given the chance to professionalize their ranks, have an investor to provide finances, and have the opportunity to get their hands on modern day rice farming machines, add the corporate management discipline of having all the land owners own their own company and steer it to whatever heights in rice production business (or corn), then our grass root farmers will have that sought after farming leverage.

We have thought of that.   We conceptualize a program that could be implemented on a provincial level.  A farming  program that is carefully prepared, with specially packaged agreement between guarantors/investors/technology providers, and a market agreeing to buy all farm produce.  It is ready to be implemented and started for any interested province.  For a 2,000 Hectares contiguous rice land of a particular province for example, it will have their own modern rice mill (around 10T/Hr capacity), 8 modern dryers, 1 seed processing center, leased modern land preparation machines like rotavators and tillers, leased modern combine harvesters, and maybe- a husk fired power plant of their own.

Padiscor Corporate Farming

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  1. romeo dalangin April 29, 2016 / 9:47 am

    thank you bro  pag oky na ang situation regarding election bro umpisa na tayo


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