Impact Development Business. The Philippines and the ASEAN.


Care to do impact development work in the Philippines and the rest of the ASEAN Region, direct and where it matters? I have an integrated poverty alleviation idea that will provide marginalized communities with their own renewable power source, sustainable farming livelihood, climate change mitigation, and agro trade industry development.

Poverty Alleviation Social Enterprise. 

The Philippines has power deficiency problem and needs more power generation facilities especially on remote areas. These communities have marginalized existence, no power, no industry, no jobs, residents relying mostly on tilled government land to whatever can be planted. Agricultural produce though is short lived in the absence of post harvest and food processing facilities. Poverty and hunger is great especially during off crop season.

There is a need for more generated power. A situation that we can take advantage of.

We can use the chance and opportunity to hit so many birds in one stone, make the given situation an impact development platform where real change and progress can be attained. Maybe starting with the Philippines, other ASEAN nation needing help next, and then all the rest of the world where poverty needs to be addressed.

This is a solution creating perfect synergy between the planet and all the living things on it. Neutral and beneficial for all.

The plan is to integrate green, earth friendly, sustainable livelihood, local agro-industrial development, more local agricultural based jobs, all poverty alleviation components to generate power using locally grown crop fuel (biomass).

The said Social Enterprise has the following characteristics below:

1. A big and compelling problem to tackle.

2. An idea that can be duplicated on any location. Sustainable. Self sufficient.

3. An entrepreneurial personality and track record.

4. An obsession to scale an organization up and running with a very small senior decision-making authority (an Executive Director or CEO)

5. A desire to tackle the process of scalable design.

6. A full understanding of design process and tools.

7. Most importantly, an openness to new ideas and willingness to change course to make things better.

The work is to bridge project and funding to create desired impact development results. It is a startup that already has traction, waiting projects, local network, global publicity ranking, suppliers of technology, and expert service providers, ready to move like clockwork when fueled into action.

The enterprise, aside from being a leverage creator for those without, will have revenue from represented equipment manufacturers and service providers: therefore, would have the chance to return the investment.

Once two or more projects are in place, it will turn into a self sustaining business that will seek to cover more areas to do projects on.

It is integrated therefore wide range in its scope and effect. This endeavor will be private sector initiated and would be apolitical. The main objective is to get the benefits of technology direct to its recipients minus governmental bureaucracy and red tape. It will create local social entrepreneurs or impact development champions to embark on a decentralized biomass renewable energy generation business. The resulting synergy will create jobs and will usher local progress.

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