Complete Steam Loop Erosion and Corrosion Management (boiler, turbine, distribution, process heaters, and condensate return lines)


REICON Wärmetechnik und Wasserchemie Leipzig GmbH (Heating Technology and Water Chemical Processing) is a medium-sized enterprise based in Leipzig, Germany.

The company originated from a department of the Institute of Energetic in Leipzig, which carried out extensive research work in the field of heating technology and water chemical processing in co-operation with the former academy institutes.

Since the foundation of our company in 1992 we have been specializing in the service provision for products concerning the chemical treatment of water and steam conducting systems.

We are a certified specialist company according to §19 l of the Federal Water Act and with our monitored quality management according to DIN ISO 9001:2008.  We offer a professional and high-quality service for:

–       Nuclear and conventional power plants
–       Combined heat and power stations and industrial power stations
–       Heat transmission networks
–       Cooling circuits
–       Special industrial applications (e.g. corrosion protection of autoclaves in the construction materials industry)

With our in house developed and produced water treatment chemical ODACON® and the corresponding procedures we offer a useful and effective way to:

–       clean boiler facilities, steam pipes and heat exchangers
–       preserve boiler facilities, entire circuits and single components
–       treat water- and steam circulations during operation
–       preserve and treat cooling circuits of combined heat and power units

ODACON® is a surface active substance and volatile in steam. It adsorbs on the metal surfaces and forms a monomolecular, hydrophobic protective layer. The latter is resistant to the usual substances present in water- and steam circuits. The main benefits of ODACON® implementation are:

–       Protection of the entire water- and steam system
–       Reduction of standstill corrosion during shutdown periods
–       Reduction of erosion, erosion corrosion, general corrosion during operation
–       Desorption of ionic impurities like chloride from surface deposits
–       Enhancement of heat transfer efficiency by modification of the surface characteristics

Due to low concentration levels in the applications the products are environmentally friendly and suffice to the modern ecological and economical demands.  For an application during operation the consumption is about 2 – 4 ml per ton of generated steam. For special treatments like preservation, the consumption is about 40 – 60 ml per ton of generated steam.  ODACON is an additional treatment program. The normal water treatment chemicals are still needed for pH stabilization.

Our team, many of which took part in the development of ODACON® and all related technologies, represent over 30 years of professional experience in the field of power station chemical engineering.

These long term experience and the constant further development of our product and service spectrum is the base for our success. This involves the development of specified products for the conservation of engines and cooling circuits as well as the design of cleaning technologies and custom-made applications for a large variety of different industrial firms.

With our comprehensive product and service spectrum we are successfully present in Germany as well as in other European countries like Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy for example. But the ODACON® products are also employed on the international market, e.g. in Estonia, Latvia, China and the Middle East countries.


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