Provincial or Municipal No Fuel Cost Off Grid Power System. A Solution to Our Power Problems.


There are technology nowadays which you can use to connect mini power plants near fuel source and then create an Off Grid network where a number of different power generators help each other to raise generation capacity.  Soon these off grid network communities would constitute an independent grid of its own. No longer dependent on the national grid system. This is one solution to keep power cost at bay and very affordable. The fuel is local and the generation small.  Isn’t that a sure shot way to really get electricity cost down?

I am talking about organic biomass we see every day in our backyard, the manure of raised animals, the fruits and vegetable garbage of markets as well as carcass (without bones) and meat refuse of slaughter houses, the tonnage of left-over agro waste in our farms, the sorted organic (nabubulok) MSW that we have in our landfills, the sea weeds that we have in abundance from our shore, the mudpress of our sugar mills, all those beneficial organics that we sometime just throw back to the soil.

If we can get a mini biogas power plant to be on these sites which produces all the above organics, generate electricity, use technology to network this power with another mini biogas power plant on another end with another type of organic waste, and then connect and network it to another, maybe even bigger capacity biogas power plant fed by large area plantation agro-waste or perhaps a manufacturing factory with so much organic refuse, or even a de-watered sewage treatment plant, then we have our own network of PROVINCIAL AND RURAL NO FUEL COST OFF GRID POWER SYSTEM, A SOLUTION TO HIGH COST ELECTRIFICATION.

It is a solution that is easy to do.  The fuel also is free.  Any Philippine Province or Municipality can do this.  One only has to have a good technology provider with expertise to get it all together.  One Barangay can have one organic mini biogas power plant for itself, interconnected with other Barangays, and Voila!, we have power for all without the grand cost of putting up large power plants and waiting for so long to have it.  A Mini Biogas Power Plant can be up and running within eight  months- interconnected within a week.  This is technology folks at its best!

The problem of our power deficiency is simple-  the solution simpler still.

Click link for detailed technical information and specification.


The system is a first rate high technology biogas power generation package that is first in the world.  It is similar to a state-of-the-art biogas power plant with all the automation and instrumentation to make it safe and efficient.  To give you an idea what that is, click a short video link below.

An efficient and reliable biogas system must not be only tanks, pipes, and valves.  it must be controlled and biogas production analyzed.  Fuel mixed observed and studied to create the perfect system to give extra value for your money.
A D V E R T I S E M E N T :

Helping the Poor.

I am currently for hire to do a highly profitable triple bottom-line business to raise the lives of the rural poor. It is a grass-root technology driven business to usher decentralized progress. It will generate power, create jobs, develop local industry, mitigate climate change, and empower a local community- all at the same time.

Simply put, I am looking for a willing employer that I can give more business by helping others.

About me.

Care to hire? Perhaps you know someone who may want to have a social enterprise business division in their current setup?
Email me.


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