When the power line snaps, the distribution post topples, genset fuel down to zero, bridges and roads fail, and the community steadily heading for isolation, the Barangay power plant will continue to give power through fresh greens and organic waste. It will also mean lifeline and communication channel of individual barangays to national government when disaster strikes because it is remotely and centrally monitored. Downed power units can easily be identified in real-time manner. National government can focus efforts and assistance on particular barangay or province at once.

Besides giving community livelihood, sustainable income, and community organic waste management, it is also a complete industrial type stand alone mini power plant.

The Philippines is said to experience heavy climate change related natural disasters.  It pays to be proactive. Let’s have grass-root power system in place.

Read more how this can be done on this link  http://jcgregsolutions.weebly.com/blogs/power-fertilizer-from-wet-organic-waste-market-trash-left-over-foods-slaughter-house-carcass-manure-dungs-excrement-hotel-mud-press-sugarcane-tops-municipal-waste-island-resort-waste-agri-waste-and-others-a-german-technology


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