How To Have Local Power Without Fuel Cost To Operate It


Solar and wind are good Renewable Energy sources.  But it all depends on their availability.  Batteries are needed to store energy when there is no sun or wind.  Hydro and geothermal are geographically dependent.  Meaning that you can’t easily use it when you are far from sources of water and thermals.

A viable and trustworthy technology that can give 24 hours of energy to give us power anywhere is biogas.  A source of biomass waste factor though must be on the equation.  Any localized waste such as what you see in the figure above would do.  This will make  fuel cost to operate it nearly zero.  Starting the engine coupled to a genset is the only time one have to use petrol.  All the rest are biogas dependent.  This is no problem for small system.  No problem for small areas enough to survive with limited power capacities.

Unfortunately, economics of greed wanted to believe that it is not feasible to use biogas system, make it compact, and serve the limited capacity that some sector in our society needs.  They are wrong.

We have introduced a state-of-the-art 25KW Mini Biogas Power Plant that you can take anywhere.  It only needs 1000kg of biomass waste (wet) to give you 600kWh/day power.  Contained in a space of 3 – 20ft container side-by-side, it could fit on an island resort hotel utility room, a manufacturing backyard, or any other small space alloted to give power to a business establishment, community, or a remote vacation residence.  A number of these could create a remote community or isolated island Off-Grid Power System.

One more thing, it is a power plant with no fuel cost to operate it.

Read more on this link:


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