What we need is a small community power source, a barangay disaster ready power plant.  Not too big or too small.  It creates sustainable LGU income, community grass-root livelihood, and organic waste management system during normal times.  It will run on organic soft debris after a calamity and will facilitate cleaning and clearing of it by community dwellers to have some immediate income to buy food.  It is compact and could be elevated above flood level. Everything is containerized and could be customized for earthquake shocks.  It has 95% to 97% energy conversion efficiency- the highest in energy generation.  It has a short payback period compared to solar, wind, biomass burning (boiler and gasifier), and other renewable energy power generators. It has a life span of 20+ years.  It is called Enerbon Mini Biogas Power Plant. Made in Germany.

It is really a bargain to have a power plant with zero power generation cost.  If it is to create community livelihood to buy organic waste, litters and organic garbage of the barangay, at PhP1.00/kg from our local community scavengers, it will have a generation cost of only PhP1.67/KWH.  Micro and many- that is how to properly develop renewable energy.

A D V E R T I S E M E N T :

Helping the Poor.

I am currently for hire to do a highly profitable triple bottom-line business to raise the lives of the rural poor. It is a grass-root technology driven business to usher decentralized progress. It will generate power, create jobs, develop local industry, mitigate climate change, and empower a local community- all at the same time.

Simply put, I am looking for a willing employer that I can give more business by helping others.

About me.

Care to hire? Perhaps you know someone who may want to have a social enterprise business division in their current setup?
Email me.  gregoriojess@yahoo.com


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