Everything I Need to Learn in Life, I’ve Learned it in Kindergarten.



Here’s why it’s important:

The root-cause of all the problems we have in our country is poverty. It is so deep and wide. The poor and the hungry is easily exploited by those in power and those with wealth. Their miserable life forced them to abhor law and order. Their empty belly more of a reality than plans to grow a country. The poor steal for money, live in the shadows, and kill to survive.  Poverty had numb their senses, brought down their human sense, vanished their hope, and trampled their dreams. The Philippines will stay the same until we raise the poor Filipinos from where they are and create the leverage they need in life. The economic growth we are having is really nothing but a great bubble, it will burst and be gone as fast as it happened, pricked and brought back to reality by the poor within us.

It is easy to solve poverty but only if we really want to.

See how it it can be done. Grass-root livelihood by solving power crisis. Address other social problems, too.  See link below.
When Does Waste Become a Tool of Nation Building?

A D V E R T I S E M E N T :

Helping the Poor.

I am currently for hire to do a highly profitable triple bottom-line business to raise the lives of the rural poor. It is a grass-root technology driven business to usher decentralized progress. It will generate power, create jobs, develop local industry, mitigate climate change, and empower a local community- all at the same time.

Simply put, I am looking for a willing employer that I can give more business by helping others.

About me.

Care to hire? Perhaps you know someone who may want to have a social enterprise business division in their current setup?
Email me.  gregoriojess@yahoo.com


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