Looking for Project Financing?


It would be ironical for people to live in modern times without power.  And yet there so many communities in the Philippines without one.  This is true because we live in so many islands.  On the other way around, probably the incapacity of certain communities to pay for their power may be the reason.  Or maybe insufficient grid power generation.  There are so many explanations from everyone why certain segments of our society do still live in the dark.  But there is no reason not to give them power even for their lighting needs when technologies literally litters the market with solutions.

I would like to get my hands on it to privately initiate a solution for these communities, to provide them power in any way.  I can channel a project financing to conduct a specific task such as localized fuel resource assessment and project implementation.  I abhor politics in things that can help our fellow Filipinos.  I hate graft and corruptions in any project undertakings that would benefit humanity.  A project without trace and mark of exploitation will go a long way.  The community will own it thereby making sure to protect it from anything, or anyone, that could contaminate or stop such noble intention.  It will be their chance to create a better life ahead.  They will guard it with their life.

If you think you wanted to create leverage and make a difference for marginalized communities without power, or just a passionate individual who wanted to do something different in his/her life, let’s talk.

Let me have your business or project plan. I can find ways to get you a local investor or even a foreign one. If your plan matches their intention for an impact development project, then we have good things to look forward to in making things better.


InSpecIT Inc.

Integration Specialist for Instrumentation Technology

We do SCADA, BMS, FDAS, FMS, HMI, and Control System Integration.

SCADA and all related system integration, one that really work for end users, must have only the best combination of skills and materials for the job.

We do premium pricing for our job. Each project done proved to be the lowest cost in the long run. The product of our commitment to do the ordinary extraordinarily.


We also offer solutions on the following:

Biogas Power Plant, W2E, MSW Landfill Alternative Solutions, BioMethane from organic waste to replace depleting LNG supply.


Solar Pumping for Irrigation Water, Aquaculture, Island Domestic Water Need.


Financed LED Lights Retrofitting for Malls, High Rise Building, and Industrial Estates.


Steam Generation, Distribution, Thermal Energy Recovery Design/Survey/Engineering


Waterways Remediation, Fish Kill, Oil Spill, and Bio Organic Oxygen-in-Water Enhancement, Rivers/Lakes/Sea BioSystem Recovery.


Sun Powered Large Scale Airconditioning Cold Storage, Heating, and Steam Generation. 


The 4th Industrial Revolution fuels our business. 


Hear from you?

Jess C.Gregorio

InSpecIT Inc.

Unit 719/722 City & Land Mega Plaza Bldg.

ADB Ave. cor. Garnet Road, Ortigas Center

San Antonio, Pasig City, Philippines 1605




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