Triple Bottomline. Business can be more than just profit.


JcGreg Solutions is an Online Technology Board (or blog) whose vision is to be a Force for Good.

My direct relationship as Sales Consultant with breakthrough foreign manufacturing companies and local specialist partners fills JcGreg Solutions with developmental solution ideas. Mostly dependable and long term.

It all started on a wish to make things better.  Designed to serve the interest of a community, institution, company,  or a country with clean and green breakthrough technology.  Solutions with integrated livelihood program for communities.



What is the BIG IDEA?
It is a business to create decentralized profitable business and community livelihood- both at the same time. It is designed to create a unique synergy in business to benefit a local community and usher progress.



What the business is all about?
1. Bridging technology and project financing to help local proponent to build his own renewable power plant with community livelihood and industry creation (free steam, food processing and cold storage) component.
2. A ready business with technology and principals available to serve the above objective
3. The only workload in the business is finding a customer for technology providers and an investment opportunity for local or foreign funders.

The next best thing in SOCIALLY RELEVANT PROJECT DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS in the Philippines.

Let us create a difference.  Let’s do a business creating leverage for those without.



Jess C.Gregorio



What have I done so far.






Pre-Marketed Business of Creating Leverage


I am an Affiliate Marketer doing a highly profitable triple bottom-line business to raise the lives of the rural poor. It is a grass-root technology driven business to usher decentralized progress. It will generate power, create jobs, develop local industry, mitigate climate change, and empower a local community- all at the same time.

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Impact Development Business

UNEP Sustainable CSR that pays for itself. Poverty alleviation is a triple bottom-line business. Bigger and much better.

No business downward lifespan curve.  It goes on and on. A sustainable program with local power generation, all year round renewable fuel source, community agri based livelihood, idle land resource use, post harvest facilities for any crop in season, agro based industry development, jobs for all, income for all, and food on their table.

A local community empowerment endeavor. Self sufficient. Profitable. An integrated approach where investment is recoverable. The return of which can duplicate similar impact development project on other sites needing attention. , one that really work for end users, must have only the best combination of skills and materials for the job.



Jess C.Gregorio